Wendy’s survey

Wendy’s is a restaurant that was born in USA and now it is famous all around the world. The customers are wide spread in the US nation and outside the nation as well. The name of the founder is Mr. Dave Thomas who established this restaurant in the year 1969, 49 years back from today.

Wendy’s survey

It holds many ranks in the world like being the 3rd largest in terms of hamburger chain after the world famous McDonalds and Burger King.

Food offered by the Wendy’s brings popularity and attracts the customer, like;

  1. Square hamburgers
  2. Sea salt fries.
  3. Chicken sandwiches.
  4. French fries
  5. Big classic burger.

The company welcomes the customers for feedback. The need following information to be mentioned while starting the survey;

  1. Restaurant number.
  2. Date of visit.
  3. Time of visit.
  4. Chose any language, either English or Spanish.

Wendy’s overall scenario:

  1. Wendy’s is known for its quality and service.
  2. They are very serious about the customer satisfaction.
  3. They also offer free coupon that can be redeem during next visit.
  4. But, it also has certain time limit.
  5. Customers are appreciated for their honesty.

Customers can share their views about;

  1. Food quality.
  2. Food quantity.
  3. Food cleanliness.
  4. Table cleanliness.
  5. Attention of the employee or server.
  6. Behavior of the server.
  7. Temperature of food.
  8. Alertness of customers.
  9. And any other special suggestions apart from the question being asked.
  10. Availability of space.
  11. Freshness of ambience.
  12. speed of service.

Wendy’s customer satisfaction survey includes;

  1. Questions that has optional answers.
  2. Questions where you can answer in brief.
  3. Questions where you can give ratings.

Needs to conduct the survey;

  1. Smart device.
  2. Internet connection
  3. Receipt of last purchase.
  4. Email address.
  5. Literacy in English or Spanish language.

Steps to do the survey;

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Choose any language.
  3. Enter the 8-digit number available on the receipt.
  4. Enter the date available on receipt.
  5. Enter the active address of Email.
  6. Read the questions carefully.
  7. Define the answer as per the format, whether multiple choice or descriptive answer or ratings based.
  8. Add any extra information, suggestion, complaint, experience, etc. related to the question if any blank space is provided.
  9. Print the coupon you received.
  10. Use the same coupon on your next visit.
  11. The time required to complete the survey is 10 to 15 minutes.

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One must need to participate in the survey procedure to get benefited from the gift cards, discount vouchers, free coupons, etc. if you are employee or an officer of the company then you cannot participate in the survey. This survey is available only for the customers. Honest and genuine suggestions are always appreciated by the company. The performance enhancement and growth depends on the review of customer. This also helps in improvising the bond of the company with the customers.








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