Panda Express Survey [Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey]

Panda express is a world famous restaurant. The genre of the restaurant is fast food. It was brought to the world by Mr. Andrew Cherng and Mrs. Peggy Cherng. The had an idea of bringing a fast food chain in the world and they brought this into reality in the year 1983 that is around 35 years ago.

They serve a blend of American-Chinese cuisine. They are spread all around the world with more than two thousand locations across the globe. The initial locations were in the North of America. You could see these restaurants are also wide spread in shopping malls, buy stations, airports, railway stations, and every small joint you could observe in some or the other complex. You could also have a look of these restaurants at military defense systems, casinos, schools, colleges, universities, amusement parks, etc.

The survey of panda express

Panda express survey

  1. Panda express has its own official space for the survey to be carried out.
  2. In this official site, people can actively participate in the survey.
  3. The survey is legal.
  4. Those participants who provide genuine feedback and give honest reviews are appreciated with gift card or discount vouchers.
  5. This also entertains people and also motivates them to participate on large scale.
  6. Genuine feedback are also sometimes displayed in front of the world.
  7. When few feedback are displayed in front of the public, they could easily relate their experience compared to the experience mentioned.
  8. The feedback has to be on the basis of the last visit.
  9. This also provides a statistic data about the level of customer satisfaction achieved by the company.
  10. You need to be honest about the experience.

Important rules regarding the survey

  1. The participant has to be the citizen of the USA.
  2. They should have receipt.
  3. The receipt should not be older than 2 days from the date of survey is being done.
  4. They should be more than 18 years old.
  5. They should proper and basic knowledge of languages like English and Spanish.
  6. By selecting the language, you can begin with the survey.
  7. The persona information about the participant must be correct and genuine.
  8. You need to mention information like email address, phone number, etc.
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Things you must have for the process of survey

  1. The survey is carried out online thus, you need to have sufficient internet connection.
  2. To have an internet connection you need to have smart devices like phone, computer, laptop, etc.
  3. You need to have receipt that will provide the user id.

The facts and questions that can be asked in the survey are

  1. Taste of food.
  2. Temperature of food.
  3. Cleanliness of restaurant.
  4. Freshness of the food.
  5. Service speed.
  6. Availability of table.
  7. Server attention.
  8. Worth of Price related to the menu.

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They need best of experience and appreciate the best answers by providing gift cards and discount vouchers that also helps in strong bonding between customer and company.

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