Monkey survey [monkey survey’s Customer Satisfaction Survey ]

Monkey survey is provision for people to carry out survey. The surveys are done online. It is service provider company. The company was a though of Mr. Ryan Finley and they brought this idea into reality in the year 1999.

Monkey survey

Monkey survey

The company is service provider and it provides following services:

  1. Customization surveys.
  2. Suite of paid pack end programs.
  3. Data analysis.
  4. Sample selection.
  5. Bias elimination.
  6. Data representation tool.

The company is proud owner of more than six lakh users and the company is widely spread out in more than 190 countries. The company holds various ranks in international magazines in terms of economy, yearly net worth, etc.

Advantages of monkey survey:

  1. They process huge data.
  2. They provide huge source of information.
  3. The participants are active every day.
  4. The best and informative reviews are shown to the world.
  5. The platform is useful to create data.
  6. The platform is useful to collect the date.
  7. The platform is also useful to analyse the data.
  8. The platform is used to compare the data.
  9. It allows a platform where the participants can create their own surveys.
  10. This is useful for others and they are also paid for the same.
  11. They can access to various formats of questions like multiple choices, answer in brief or ratings based.
  12. The basic version of the survey is available at free of cost.
  13. The upgraded version charges a nominal fee.
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Best of monkey survey:

  1. The survey is highly representative.
  2. They knowledge can be obtained by various means.
  3. The answers are available in terms of charts, statistics, ratio, etc.
  4. They have the ability to portray large data in less words or less representation.
  5. The data is convenient.
  6. They have good data significance.
  7. The topics are on point and subject is directional.
  8. The output and results are precise.
  9. The designs is flexible.
  10. There are no topics included in the survey that are related to controversial issues.

The survey begins only when the participant provides the personal information regarding his/her own:

  1. Email address.
  2. Contact details.
  3. Full name of the participant.
  4. Date of the survey.
  5. Any other ID requirement.
  6. Age proof, etc.

Even after providing such personal information, the survey is safe to use. The information is never shared to any other space. The information is neither misused nor the details are shared with any other firm or frauds.

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Drawbacks of the survey:

  1. The questions are not enough.
  2. Sometimes there is no space available to mention our personal opinions.
  3. Sometimes people are restricted to answer the questions only.
  4. Lack in flexibility.
  5. Lack in depth of information.
  6. Not all the questions and queries are answer by the respondent.
  7. The questions are standardized.
  8. At times, the questions are hard to understand.

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Unlike other surveys, Monkey Survey also has its own advantages and drawbacks.

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