WendysWantstoKnow – Welcome to Wendy’s Survey and Feedback

WendysWantstoKnow: Wendy’s wants to take the feedback from the customers, in order to do this Wendy’s started the best technique till so far, which is Wendy’s Survey, but here they not only conduct the survey but in returns give best gifts to its loyal customers.

Various Reasons for conducting the wendy’swantstoknow Survey

WendysWantstoKnow - Welcome to Wendy's Survey and Feedback

The Reasons are listed as below:

It is actually used as the one strategy for attracting even more customers and for making extra traffic on the site, through the online survey and taking customer survey they attract new customers and also generate extra traffic on their website.


Getting to Know the opinions of customers, the customers provides with honest feedback, give suggestions and opinions about the product and service of Wendy’s.

customer’s data base – Wendy’s acquires the data of the customers.

Brief about Wendy’s survey

Wendy’s survey is planned for meeting customers feedbacks and their suggestions regarding the food and other things. The prime purpose of the survey is simply to improve the customer experience in related to the restaurant things and service that delivered.

On the basis of client participation employee’s enhancement is observed and Wendy is sure to concentrate on enhancing employees.

Detail procedure for the survey

First of all, visit Wendy’swantstoknow. Com’s official website or go to the homepage of the talktowendys.com survey.

Now, take your receipt and enter the number of the restaurant, the visit date and the visit time.

Click the Start button as well.

You must answer all the questions in the next step on the basis of your previous experience.

Make sure you really give the feedback.

You will soon have a verification code after completing the Www. Talktowendy’s. Com Survey and you will have to write the corresponding code on your receipt.

In fact, take the invoice back to Wendy’s Shop. You can win a Free Sandwich prize or any other item. So, take talktowendys.com for a quick survey of your thoughts with a sandwich.

You have to give your details at the end, such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Address. If you are one of the lucky winners to win the $500 Wendy’s Sweepstakes Prize, you will get intimation by giving the details.

Essentials for Wendy’s wants to know survey

Wendy has made the survey easily accessible to each and every customer. The Things which are required to complete the survey are:

Digital devices such as computers, laptops or mobile phones.

It is necessary that the customer has Internet access.

The customer must obtain a legitimate Wendy’s receipt.

16-digit receipt survey key.

In case of unavailability of the survey code, store number, time and day.

Wendy’s wants to know survey by mail

In just 3 steps you can complete the Wendy’swantstoknow survey by mail, in which you do not need to buy the products from the receipt and number, and all these things are not required here.

Also, mostly loyal customers select this type of method as per observations done by Wendy’s.

In this entry, you should write your name, phone number, address, and email on a piece of paper.

Give it to: Wendy’s Sweepstakes Menu Review, PO Box 16470, Rochester, NY 14616, and keep it in a postcard.

Therefore, each postcard must be postmarked and obtained within the entry span.

Important rules for Wendy’s Survey

No illegal activity or insufficient action has been taken whilst the survey is strictly prohibited and limited by law.  You are not allowed to interfere with the survey process. As a potential customer, you are expected to take advantage of the fact that a survey actually answers questions.

Employees, managers, and employee’s family persons are not allowed to take part in the online survey. Now it’s sad for the employees who work there because Wendy’s doesn’t allow them to take part. Nor are all business partners and partners eligible for sweepstakes.

The survey must be completed as printed on receipt within a period of time. Once the receipt is received, please check the survey length as you must take part in the given period to be eligible for the favourite Wendy’s dish.

Things on which Wendy’s team focuses while surveying

In the Wendy’s wants to know survey, Wendy’s team primarily focused on the following issues to get suggestion:

  1. Quality as well as the Quantity of food served by Wendy’s restaurant.
  2. Food serving team
  3. The interior design of the restaurant
  4. Cleanliness
  5. price of the food.
  6. Billing methods by Wendy’s wants to know.

Wendy restaurant operating hours

The food service of the Wendy is available during the following time of day even on some of holiday it is opened and served on the holiday hours-

  1. Monday – 22.00 am to 01 am
  2. Tuesday – 22.00 am to 01 am
  3. Wednesday- 22.00 am to 01 am
  4. Thursday- 22.00 am to 01 am
  5. Friday – 22.00 am to 01 am
  6. Saturday – 22.00 am to 01 am
  7. Sunday – 22.00 am to 01 am

The holidays on which Wendy’s is open and served to their customers is like new years eve, good Friday, Chico do mayo, and Tax Day, Labor Day and valentine’s day.


Wendy’s restaurant not only serve the fast-food but also the lunch-dine meal. It is one of the Americas based international restaurants.

Mr. Dave Thomson established this restaurant on 15 Nov in the year of 1969 at Columbus. On 29th Jan 2006 the headquarters are shifted to Dublin city of Ohio.

The food items parcel service is also available. Anyone can order food online by using a mobile app or from their official portals. The payment is done via cash on delivery or online by credit or debit cards.

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“Wendy’swantstoknow” works on your feedback and implement it into Wendy’s all restaurant. So it’s a big contribution from the customer to help Wendy’s. Thank You from the all Wendy’s team to its customers.

The good thing about Wendy’s is that it responds its customer’s negative as well as positive response and implement it its service.